Friday, July 17, 2015

Balancing the pain -- PF Update

I have had the walking cast off for about a month.
I have been going to physical therapy weekly, and doing the at-home exercises 5 days per week.
I went to Comic-Con and walked a LOT.
I have been riding again; just not yet as consistently as pre-walking-cast.

Treadmill after 30 mile ride,
HR over time,
This week, I started on the treadmill, mixing walking and running over a twenty minute session.  I did this three times.  The only real stat I have is a HR chart from each that looks something like this.

Cardio is fine.  The max heart rate depicted here is pretty low for me.  Once I start longer running sessions I'll see a higher value.

Running felt fine.

On Thursday morning's bike ride, after two days of treadmill, my legs felt a little tired.  This is expected and accepted, as I had not run in months.

Hours after running, especially the first half hour of the morning following a run, there was some discomfort in my heel.  There should be no pain.  I want to be pain free.  Not "Some discomfort."

I'm going to avoid the treadmill Friday-Sunday.  On Monday I'll see the P/T and discuss what the plan should be going forward.

Plantar Fasciitis combined with getting older (so not bouncing back as quickly) - Yuck.