Thursday, May 14, 2015

A boot and a shot!

After four months of not running, my plantar fasciitis is better.  The amount of pain had gone from THIS MUCH to about this much but it just wasn't no pain.  Since there's still pain, and I want to get back to the point of no pain, I went to see the podiatrist again on Monday.  

I was given a steroid shot and an 'air cast' with instructions to follow up in 4 weeks.  The foot has been immobilized with a walking cast held together with velcro.  I can take it off to sleep, shower, and drive.  The doctor did not include 'drive' in the list, but I cannot work the clutch with it on, so it comes off to drive...

Immobilized.  No running or cycling, awkward walking.  For at least four weeks - it wil be a follow up appointment, not necessarily the release to be active again.

I feel like Robocop walking the halls.  ka-chunk.  step.  ka-chunk.  step.

My activity tracker comes up with lower goals daily.