Monday, March 16, 2015

Fifty-eight days

Usually, the time between my run workouts is measured in days.  One day.  Two days.  This time, "months" would be a better unit of measure.  It had been almost two months since I last ran.  Eight weeks.  Fifty-eight days.

Today, I ran.

Short and mellow.

Heart rate limited by alerts set on my Garmin.  I've used a Garmin for lots of training in the past - intervals, HR, pace, cadence alerts, but this month I'll be using it to stay mellow and to turn around when I reach the mileage goal.

Hot and dry, more typical of August than March, it was 90F at run time.  I'd say it was unusually warm, except the record of 93F was set last year on this date.

Will I be sore?  Will there be follow on pain? When will I run again?