Tuesday, March 17, 2015

News for an eight year old...

This morning I was chatting with our eight year old before school.  The Washington Post had a Leprechaun on their app image on his Kindle, and he made a comment about the image.  I was more than a bit surprised that he was looking at The Washington Post.

Really?  You look at the Washington Post?

Yes.  I like to read the comics.

The Washington Post has comics?


I look at the sports section too, but they don't have baseball.

Its only March.  Baseball hasn't started yet.

They should cover spring training.

Uhm...  OK.  Maybe they should.

It would appear we need to add an application that lets him get baseball news on his Kindle.  Also more comics.

I don't recall following baseball at eight years old, but I certainly read the comics.  We gave up on receiving a physical paper years ago.  I'm glad he's got the opportunity with an app to read some daily comics.