Monday, June 8, 2015

The heart is the first thing to go...

After four weeks on the couch I've been given the OK to get back on the bike, so I went out for a short ride.  Today's ride was about half the distance of my last one, the last being a "new shoe test ride."

This was also a new shoe test ride, but that wasn't the focus.  The focus this time was general fitness, test the foot, test the bike, test the shoes, get back to the fun.  Shoes worked well.

When comparing then versus now, with four weeks of couch surfing in between, there's one big difference that jumps out.

Then Now
Avg Max Avg Max
Speed 16.1mi/h 40.7mi/h 16.2mi/h 38.9mi/h
Heart Rate 135bpm 179bpm 151bpm 170bpm
Cadence 83 114 86 159

Woah!  Look at that heart rate difference.  While the Max recorded value is similar, the average is 11% higher today.  

Four weeks of getting out of shape, it'll be four to get back to cycling cardio shape.