Monday, June 8, 2015

Two matching shoes, two matching socks

Plantar Fasciitis is gone and I'm wearing two shoes again.
Four weeks in an air cast, four weeks since getting a steroid injection to knock down remaining inflammation and make way for healing while immobilized in the boot. 

For now, PF is gone.   This is a good thing.  Now I can begin to return to the activities I want to pursue.

Next up is Physical Therapy.  I am expecting focused stretches and exercises to strengthen and stretch the feet, perhaps with a bit of consideration for the whole chain, up on leg and down the other.  Perhaps they can address what needs to happen for intermittent pain elsewhere...  In any event, I don't expect to stay with P/T long.  The objective is to better prepare so that I can keep active in the future, whether that's through exercises, tools, whatever.  Retrain so that I'm better off.

Its been five months since I ran, and it will probably be another month before I am running regularly again.  A few more months after that to get any form of speed or endurance back.

First step, get a plan.